Estate Planning

Saito & Madan estate planning is designed to keep your estate out of probate and distribute your assets to those you intend without delay or additional legal costs.

A living trust is an inventory of your real and personal property with designated person(s) who you intend to receive the items. A trustee is named, who oversees the trust assets. This type of arrangement, satisfies the court’s requirements that the settlor (i.e., the person for whom the trust is created) holds no property, at the time of death, that should initiate probate proceedings.

Probate is a court-supervised process that takes control of your estate and determines how the assets should be distributed among your creditors and beneficiaries. The process may take a year or two to complete and may require retaining an attorney. Probate can be time consuming and costly but, in most cases, avoidable. A properly structured living trust with a corresponding last will and testament is intended to by-pass probate delays and expenses.

Saito & Madan can facilitate a living trust and last will and testament for your estate, according to your specific requirements and wishes.