Spousal Support


Spousal support is often a major point of contention in a divorce. It can be a stressful issue for the divorcing couple; and, impact both parties’ immediate and long-term plans. At Saito & Madan, a mediator will facilitate discussions that result in agreeable and attainable terms for both parties.

Spousal support is intended to establish an equitable financial base as the divorcing couple prepares to go their separate ways. In most cases, spousal support is a temporary arrangement that provides assistance for the lesser earning party and time to get reestablished. In some cases, however, spousal support might be long-term or even permanent. Litigated divorces use standardized calculations that are primarily based on income and do not consider the divorcing couples’ unique situation, needs or limitations.

At Saito & Madan, spousal support is one aspect of a complete settlement-agreement that can be satisfactorily resolved for both parties.